Artist Statement

I've always appreciated the orderly nature of the scientific process, particularly the practice of observation and experimentation as a method for arriving at truth and meaning. That act of discovery, present in both the space of a science lab and within the artist's studio, forms a common thread throughout my process and work. My practice often uses a scientific aesthetic and procedures of analysis, ordering, and experimentation to explore different cultural structures through installation, photography, print, and video work.

Over the past year, I've focused on exploring the visual symbols present in consumer and media culture, which shape our values and experiences. Some spaces are stripped of distractions and ask for careful observation of the design and presentation of everyday objects and familiar scenes. Here the viewer is encouraged to take a kind of slow, systematic, and repetitious approach to observation. In contrast, other pieces focus on creating density and complexity through the layering and overprinting of closely cropped imagery. Here, textures and patterns interact, creating ambiguous landscapes. Both methods ask the viewer to move away from passive interaction towards an active investigation of the visual elements which form our understanding of truth.